The National Business Institute of Australia (NBIA) is a private Business School and Registered Training Organisation based in Melbourne.

NBIA accredited qualifications include certificates, diplomas and advanced diplomas in business, management, finance, RG/PS146, teaching and assessment.

NBIA underwent its last audit which was conducted under the National Vocational Education and Training Regulator Act 2011 (the Act) to assess compliance with requirements of the VET Quality Framework. NBIA was one of the few RTO’s in the country that demonstrated full compliance with all compliance requirements reviewed for the audit. (Please see NBIA Audit Report for more details)

The National Business Institute of Australia is headed by Peter Drapac, a very experienced business education consultant and lecturer, who can be relied upon to ensure quality at every stage of the training and assessment process.  He is joined by experienced specialists in their field to give our clients the best solutions available.

NBIA actively encourages the involvement and study for all younger or older students whether you are in the work force, have never been working, want to get back to work, or need a qualification to change or continue your career.

The process does not need to be daunting or intimidating, but an enjoyable, sometimes challenging, and satisfying experience.