Changes to Conveyancing requirements


New regulations for conveyancers in Victoria came into operation on 26 May 2018. These Regulations introduce a new qualification required to be eligible for a conveyancer’s licence, and expand the range of legal practitioners with whom a prospective conveyancer can gain their work experience.

New qualification requirements

The new qualification is the Advanced Diploma of Conveyancing from the Business Services Training Package. The Advanced Diploma of Conveyancing comprises 18 units of competency and replaces the current qualification for a licence, which is eight units.

To view the units of competency, view Apply for a conveyancer’s licence – individual page.

If you are undertaking the eight unit qualification and wish to use it to obtain a licence, you will have until 31 December 2018 to complete that qualification. If you have not completed it by then, you will need to transfer into the Advanced Diploma of Conveyancing and complete that qualification to be eligible for a conveyancer’s licence.

Download the Conveyancers Regulations 2018 here.