Essential Accessories for the Businessperson on the Move

Communication is now possible, not just across country, but also across countries. With the advent of the web cam and international calling we can not only speak to people across the globe we can see them while doing so. Conference calling and video conferences have taken a lot of the travel out of business. However, there are still times that we need to have a personal touch, and when it is needed it is nice to have some accessories that will make the journey and business that bit more comfortable or efficient. Here are some accessories that will do that for you.

Mini Projector

If you are traveling to a meeting, you may need to explain an idea or product to others; if you do, you will want to impress them as much as possible. Sometimes this is possible with a clear and concise verbal explanation; at other times it will be much easier using Power Point presentations, charts, or graphs. The chances are that you will have a smart phone or tablet with you that can have your work on it, but unless there is a projector available how will you show the work? This is where a mini projector comes into its own. This will make you look professional, organized and up to the minute.

Battery pack

A businessman on the go will almost certainly have either a smartphone or tablet with them, these now seem necessary for many reasons; not least communication. Because they have so many uses built in they are used frequently through the day, often with no way to recharge the battery. This is where a battery pack comes into its own. They will often give you more time than the battery itself, but will at least double usage time. If you want to be able to work all day every day no matter where you are then this is a must.

Travel pillow

The travel pillow is such an easy thing to purchase and store that everybody on a business trip should have one. It is not communication, it’s not entertainment, but it can be vital. If traveling by airplane, train, coach, or car, you can have a more comfortable nap, or sleep, if you have a pillow with you. You will not want to meet fellow businessmen tired and aching, and you will not be at your best if you do. This is a simple addition to your travel bag that will make life more comfortable.


This is not of the computer variety; it is the old fashioned paper one. Sometimes these are just more convenient to use, so put one in your pocket and forget about it until you need it. What harm can it do?

Any of these accessories could make your business trip that bit easier or efficient. You could pack them in any bag, some even in a pocket, so why not add them to you list of essentials to take with you on a trip?